How to be a responsible web developer/web admin

Due to the latest changes in the GDPR I stumbled upon some topics and issues people where facing while trying to make their website compliant to the new demands. This brought me to this little tutorial on how to make your website more secure and less sniffing. Not all of the topics will be GDPR-related […]

Run File

Just a short note for everyone who’s expecting a configure file in a Software he wants to build but there’s only a file. This File is for the so called autoconf command which generates the configure file. Just run autoconf to generate it. Please mind that you need to install the following packages for […]

NetworkManager is not running

Yesterday my NetworkManager suddenly stopped working. After a reboot the tooltip „NetworkManager is not running“ appeared in my nm-applet. When I tried to start the service, I got the following message: $ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service Job for NetworkManager.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See „systemctl status NetworkManager.service“ and „journalctl -xe“ […]